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Background Information

Primus Incorporated is Comprehensive Home Care Licensed and is registered as a Housing with Services provider in the state of Minnesota, with a present focus on providing 24- hour customized living which offers housing and supports for individuals, age 18+, with a disabling condition and/or other inabilities, who seek a healthy, independent, and quality living environment rooted in the principles of, “involvement, choices, and respect.  Our team of RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, and Unlicensed Direct Support Personnel provide personalized care to individuals with the following goals:

  • INVOLVEMENT We empower individuals by encouraging their engagement and involvement in creating a unique, Individualized Service Plan (ISP) which prioritizes a full array of positive choices and provides a rewarding quality of life
  • CHOICES We encourage individuals to make positive choices which impact their day-to-day lives
  • RESPECT We cheer individuals when positive choices are made which ensure their safety, well-being, happiness, joy, and overall quality of life

How We Operate

We offer Housing with Services, which means we are an establishment which provides sleeping accommodations to one or more adult residents, along with offering one or more regularly scheduled health services and personalized care to all our clients.  We strive to both meet and exceed all client expectations. We provide a multicultural team of professionals who perform client services, including, but not limited to initial assessments, admissions, and an entire spectrum of care planning and first-class facilitation.

We currently accept the following methods of payment:

  • Medicaid/Medical Assistance
  • CADI Waivers
  • Private Pay/Self Pay
  • BI
  • Private Insurance

We intend to provide Customized Living Housing Support Services (GRH) immediately, with the intention of expanding to provide Housing with Services – Independent (new Housing Support/GRH) beginning in February 2018.

Our Founders

Primus Incorporated is a family owned organization with background experience in behavioral health, founded by Taiwo and Samuel Afolayan.  When the Afolayans were in college, they worked with a different population in a home setting such as developmentally disabled, mentally ill people that are stable to be in the community and people with some chronic medical issues such as diabetes since 2008. Out of college, Taiwo decided to continue her services in psychiatric nursing, where she has been working as registered nurse for about four years with the State of Minnesota, Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center, and Sam also continues to give his service to the same population with the state of Minnesota where he works as Human Services Technician.

The liberty to be able to get up in the morning with a clear thought of what needs to be done without having any form of constraint is something that every human being should be able to enjoy. That is why we serve, to help people that are limited one way or the other to enjoy the liberty to make choices for themselves